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Canada’s Aboriginal Community


There is no disagreement that the state of most aboriginal communities is egregiously serious.  Unacceptably slow land claims resolutions, totally inadequate infrastructure development and education funding and no gains in their standard of living over the last quarter century despite the economy more than doubling during that period of time are, among others, indicative of a set of non-transparent policies and practices embraced by both sides of the parliamentary and legislative isle at the highest levels to accomodate the country's wealthiest clinical addiction to more money.  



To determine with particularity what the root causes were, years of research went into discovering the true nature of Canadian governance.  Upon a deconstruction of conventional perceptions and applying a totally new understanding of how the state actually operates it becomes apparent why despite being one of the top ten most advantaged and prosperous countries in the world upwards of a million indigenous Canadians live in the most dire conditions. 



These chapters are reproductions of what's posted on the RCC website for the purpose of soliciting the views of Canada's academics with specializations in economic issues: 




The Intentional Multi-Decade Economic Marginalization of Aboriginals 

The Judicial System Proven Protective of Trans-Ideological Policies and Practices 


            Hansard Research     

              (i)   The Chrétien Era

              (ii)  The Martin Era  

              (iiii) The Harper Era  

              (iv) Davis, Peterson, Rae, Harris & McGuinty Eras  

              (v) Bennett, Barrett, Vander Zalm, Harcourt, Clark & Campbell Eras



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