Reform Coalition of Canada



Canadians and the world view this country as a mature, healthy and vibrant democracy.  While many here justifiably see some flaws and inadequacies, ask most and they’ll say by comparison with the almost two hundred nations in the world we have enviably strong parliamentary and legislative institutions, constitutional checks and balances work, law enforcement keeps the people safe and accountability mechanisms are for the most part independent and function properly. 



A six-year multi-disciplinary, multi-perspectival analysis led to a full re-evaluation of the nature of governance.  It is inescapably concluded that operating behind a cleverly manufactured image of democracy is a totalitarian regime and that over the last quarter century trillions of dollars were brazenly stolen.  The origins of that massive and globally historic theft are described in:






Political and Economic Policy Antecedents of Systemic Wealth Misappropriation






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