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Despite being one of the top ten most advantaged and prosperous countries in the world, poverty, homelessness and what it creates persist, and in many instances have become more acute.  If Canada is a mature, healthy and vibrant democracy with a free market system the inequitable distribution of wealth and opportunity should have been diminishing over the last quarter century.  The undeniably widening prosperity gap is indicative of something profoundly and systemically dysfunctional at the core of governance and the economy. 



Years of research determined what the root causes of those dysfunctionalities are and identified with specificity who were and today are responsible.  The problem in part lies in how Canada’s system of governance evolved over two centuries – how unappreciated practices in governance and governance succession procured the entrenchment of non-transparent interests that ensure the richest have unfair advantages; ones that are intolerable in democratic unions. 



These chapters are reproductions of what's posted on the RCC website for the purpose of soliciting the views of Canada's academics with specializations in economic issues: 




What Parliamentarians and Legislators Said About Poverty Issues

More Facts, Figures Statistics and Thus Evidence






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